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Kenya: Citizens Must Acquire License To Post Videos Online Or Pay USD1000 Fine - KFCB

Thousands of Kenyans are outraged at a new law that took effect yesterday which demands that they have to acquire a filming license to post a video for public viewing on social media or face fine imposition.  

This new law applies not only to film and television broadcasts but also to all videos posts on the internet and social media. The law states that failure to comply with this law will land perpetrators a prison sentence of five years maximum or a fine of KSh 100,000 ($1,000).

 The  Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) commented that the aim of this new law was to ensure that the security of the nation is not compromised through illegal filming activities adding that the fines would provide the government with revenue that is much-needed.

The government body stated unequivocally that “public viewing” included posting on the internet and social media saying that is effectively a de facto ban on uploading videos on social media without acquiring a license.

In reply to Kenya's Film Regulator law, a Kenyan tweeted about posting videos on social media which read thus;  "It is interesting that the law was passed with an intent that seems to discourage filmmakers from making more films and ordinary people from utilising social media platforms freely.

Kenya is globally considered as leading in Africa’s innovation drive but  introducing laws like these only serves to stifle innovation in the entertainment industry."


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