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Ghana: PlayBox Technology Help Upgrade Citi TV To A New HD Channel

Information technology company, PlayBox Technology in partnership with TV & Communication Systems (TVC) a system integrations company and Vision in Motion has announced the completion of a significant project for Ghana’s Citi TV.

The project includes the design and integration of two live production studios, programme storage and media asset management, thoroughly tested and commissioned at the broadcaster’s headquarters in Accra.

The core of the installation is a fully automated broadcast playout system centred on AirBox Neo.

TVC’s Television and Communications Systems Manager Andrej Brickij said: “The essential requirements for Citi TV is reliability, operational efficiency and future-proof expandability. PlayBox enabled the channel’s staff to preschedule contents and interstitials for fully automated playout while retaining the freedom to switch into live broadcasting mode whenever they choose.

PlayBox Technology CEO Pavlin Rahnev said: “PlayBox continues to be an aspirational brand in Africa and the world. Broadcasters in Africa are investing in high definition services with increasing confidence,  and this reflects huge sales for HD displays for home television viewing as well as the popularity of latest generation mobile devices with HD-plus resolution.

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