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ZBC Plans To Launch Security Service Channel During Digital Switchover

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has announced its plans to introduce a security services channel as part of a line-up of programmes planned for digital television broadcasting.

According to the CEO of ZBC, Patrick Mavhura, the security and other channels such as news and current affairs, sports, nature channels, history movies, music wildlife and religion will be introduced as the country migrates to digital broadcasting.

Muvhura said: “We will have six channels and that means plenty of content is required creating employment and many business opportunities.

While speaking about the radio station coverage in Zimbabwe, Mavhura said that people living in mostly remote areas, and who bore the brunt of and contributed in the war are not getting radio and television signals. He assured the people that plans to reach them are advanced because the government have secured additional transmitters that will expand radio and television reception in the nation.

The ZBC CEO said that the state broadcaster had made arrangements with cellular service providers and mobile phone transmitters to help boost radio and television signals in most remote parts of the country.

He challenged communities throughout Zimbabwe to promote their cultures by writing their own stories and showing them to the world through the available channel adding that there are so many activities on the dry Limpopo or Vhembe which the world wants to know about yet it is up to the people to tell the world the Zimbabwean story.

He urged people to uphold their culture by showing it out to the country, the region and Africa as a whole.

Earlier on reports stated that the reason why the digital switchover project is not completed is due to shortage of funds.

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