Advertising Gets Go Ahead To Show Condom Ads During Scandal TV Programme!

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa has ruled that commercial free-to-air broadcaster,, is allowed to broadcast condom adverts during its prime-time soap, Scandal!

The Reckitt Benckiser's ad shows a man and woman touching and kissing each other, and while taking off their clothes, the voice over  says "now every touch can feel more real with Durex Real Feel, our first condom with the real feeling of skin on skin." The words "Love sex" are displays on the screen.

One viewer complained that since Scandal on has an age restriction of 13+, condom ads shouldn't be shown during the timeslot because children are watching. The complainant argued that that the current South African legislation recognises the age of consent for sex as 16 years and above.

In the latest case, told the ASA that the complaints of the viewers if taken up would undermine its efforts to educate people about HIV prevention.

The free-to-air broadcaster told ASA that the Broadcasting Code permits to broadcast 13+ age-restricted material before the watershed period and that the content and themes of Scandal are in line with the code. It added that regarding the Children's Act of 2005 and the Sexual Offences Related Matters Amendment Act of 2007, adolescents above the age of 12 could have access to contraceptives and HIV testing without parental approval.

The ASA agreed with Reckitt Benckiser South Africa which argued that Scandal on frequently deals with romantic affairs and such advertisement would be in line with the themes usually agreed with on the show.

The ASA ruled that: "A parent who is allowing their child to watch Scandal should not be outraged when the child views sexual content or references. We can assume that a child of over 13, who is allowed to watch content such as Scandal should have been introduced to sex education to be able to understand the commercial in question. The Child should be watching in the company of an adult who can explain the content to them if need be. The Directorate is satisfied the commercial does not have anything that would adversely affect a child of over 13."

The ASA added that while the commercial promotes a product that is related to sex, it does not do so in an overtly sexual or offensive manner.

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