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Zimbabwe: Broadcasting Authority Bestows Broadcasting Licence To Zimpapers TV

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe has granted the thirty-eight-year-old Zimbabwe Newspapers Ltd a tv broadcasting licence making the media firm the first and only fully integrated media house in the country with a footprint in publishing and digital, printing and packaging, radio broadcasting, and now television services.

Headed by veteran journalist Nomsa Nkala, Zimpapers Television Network is already making a name for itself in the market where it has been producing documentaries and videos for corporates and organisations.

The Chief Executive of Zimpapers Group, Mr Pikirayi Deketeke said the license would enable the Group to tap into the growing viewers market which fulfils Zimpapers’ long-held dream to be a fully fledged media house. He added that this move brings to culmination nearly a decade of investments that sought to go beyond the traditional print business.

The management realised that though Zimpapers was and still is the dominant media player in the Zimbabwean market, there was a tendency for the business to decline if it remained solely tied to print publications.

Deketeke said: "We observed that globally reading habits have changed and newspapers sales were being hit with increased access to smart gadgets and the internet. So many of the readers are turning to other platforms to access information. As a forward-thinking business, we conducted surveys, looked at what regional competitors and global players like South Africa,  Kenya, the UK, the US and Australia are doing."

“Broadcasting, therefore, became something we became interested in with our plan to start with radio first and then television. The strategy was to ensure that as Zimpapers covers the whole communication spectrum- text, voice and video,” said Deketeke.

The Group CEO said Zimpapers Group then had to create a five-year strategic plan at the end of 2011, which has been the compass for its various investments.

Three years back Zimpapers Group appointed Sunday Mail Deputy Editor Nomsa Nkala to lead a team of content producers and technical experts, who began creating content for Zimpapers Television Network project pending the acquisition of the license from Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.

According to Nkala; “this is a new era in the history of Zimbabwe’s media, something the industry has been anticipating. Global trends have shown that the domain in journalism has shifted from solely print to multi-media platforms and this is what we are embracing. A lot of effort has gone into content creation because we want to offer our viewers and advertisers a new television experience.”


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