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Kenya: Communication Authority Aims For 60 Percent Local Content Programming By 2022.

The Communication Authority (CA) of Kenya through has announced that there is a new goal for all broadcasters to air at least 60 percent local content programming on all their platforms.

The Communication Authority says it believes the country can achieve this goal because many broadcasters had embraced the idea of airing more local content and programmes.

A spokesman for the CA said: “The uptake is a good one as media houses have in recent times given more time to local content, unlike in the past when foreign productions and programmes dominated our airspace.”

According to the regional authority: "At first, we aimed to have 40 percent of local programming within a year and then achieve the 60 percent target after four years. Many industry players have now taken local content programming seriously. We are observing the awesome changes taking place on our television and our radio stations. This change for the better is encouraging to us, the regulators.”

The CA is urging all broadcasters, content creators and other industry stakeholders to read and understand the updated programming code which gives guidelines on the contents they are supposed to create, produce and then air.

Earlier in 2015, the Kenyan government directed TV broadcasters to increase the transmission ratio of local content to 60 percent of the total content, up from 40 percent, in the local TV stations.  So far, Citizen TV is ahead of the rest of the 15 licensed Kenyan TV Stations as the ratio of its local content to that of the target stands above 38 percent.

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