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Angola Accepts the Roscosmos offer to build AngoSat-2

Reports are citing that Angola's Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Jose Carvalho Da Rocha announced that the nation had accepted Russia’s State Space Corporation Roscosmos' offer of to build Angola’s second satellite, AngoSat-2.

The report said that it would take 18 months or less to manufacture the AngoSat-2, which will have better technical capabilities than the first AngoSat-1 satellite which went missing.

This statement was reported by the Angolan national newspaper, Jornal de Angola, in an exclusive interview with the telecommunications minister. In the interview, he also said the final decision on the status of the satellite would be presented at a joint news conference session with the ministry’s senior officials and the visiting Roscosmos delegation in attendance on Monday.

Da Rocha confirmed that the payment for the production of AngoSat-2 would be derived from the insurance reimbursement for AngoSat-1 satellite which was lost and is worth $121 million. The balance left will be paid for by the Russian side. It was said that the overall cost of the project is to the tune of $320 million.

The first AngoSat-1 telecommunications satellite was launched on December 26, 2017, by a Zenit-2SB carried rocket with a Fregat booster from the Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan.

Unfortunately, for the Angolans contact with the satellite was lost the following day after the separation from the upper stage. Countless attempts to reestablish a connection with the satellite were taken since then till January 2018 until when it was reported to have left the zone of direct radio visibility from Russia.

AngoSat-1 was Angola's first space project, which was scheduled to work for fifteen years was made to improve telecommunications in the African country.

About 50 Angolan aerospace engineers were trained around the world and were supposed to oversee the mission from a control centre in the nation.


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