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SES Study Shows That Satellite Can Help Boost Television Operations

An SES Satellite Monitor Study across countries in Africa have revealed that Ghana has the highest satellite penetration to bolster TV broadcasting to directly to homes.

According to the study, satellite delivery has proliferated in Ghana with 65 percent of homes receiving TV channels via satellite meaning that four out of every six TV homes was directly reached by satellite.

During the launch of the Study in Accra, Mr Theodore Asampong, General Manager of Platform Operations, SES, said Satellite monitoring study has been going on for over 20 years. Commenting further, Mr Asampong said: “If you are a pay-TV broadcaster, it usually is easy for you to know how many viewers you have because of the subscriptions. On the other hand, free-to-air broadcasters channels, do not have to collect subscription, which makes it challenging to quantify viewers.

 Asampong explained that these surveys that are being carried out in the five countries are meant to provide a statistics on how many homes are pointing to the satellite. He added that the research was also to help give advertisers target their messages more adequately.

Vice President, SES Sales and Market Development for Africa,  Mr Clint Brown, said the outcome of the Satellite Monitor for the Ghanaian market illustrates the influential role the satellite broadcasting is playing within the television infrastructure.

"Our commitment is to boost TV growth in Ghana as well as offer broadcasters and content programmers the opportunity to gain potential viewers. Our vast reach in the market along with our end-to-end video solutions will surely contribute to hitting that target.” Brown said.

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