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South Africa: Cartoon Network Ranks Number One on Pay TV Channel Ranking

Cartoon Network, the leading kids’ channel in South Africa, has hit number one in the pay-TV market with the broadcast of "Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Rangers" movie on its channel.

On 10 March, about 171, 000 kids between the ages 4 and 14 tuned in to view the long-anticipated ground-breaking movie, at the same time.

The resounding success of the show indicates the consistent and impressive performance of Turner Entertainment across its movie, series and other productions.

Cartoon Network provides the majority of the most popular programme for kids in the continent. Of all the contents offered on their channel, 'Power Rangers Ninja Steel' is leading the pack and has occupied the first place. The newly launched 'OK KO: Lets’ Be Heroes!' takes the second place.  Ben 10 falls into the third place, followed by the fantastic Teen Titans Go!.

In March 2018 TV rankings revealed that Cartoon Network comes number one and Boomerang number two on the Pay TV Kids channels for four to fourteen-year-olds.

Turner Kids multiplex has remained at the top of the ranking list for Pay TV channels targeted at kids 4 to 14-years-old for 33 consecutive months in South Africa.

According to a Sunday Times Generation Next youth survey done in 2017, Cartoon Network recognised “The coolest kid TV channel” and “2nd coolest TV channel”.


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