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Fibrelike Satellite Connectivity Will Improve Telecoms Reach In Africa - SES Chief

SES Africa Sales and Market Development, VP Clint Brown, has said that satellite connectivity provides a vital link in Africa's telecommunications ecosystem through the improvement of the delivery of data services and digital video content.

This improvement will happen in support of and in partnership with mobile network operators and telecommunications service providers in the continent.

Connectivity enabled by high-throughput satellite links can significantly transform the service offerings that telecommunications firms can provide to end customers, including high-speed broadband connectivity and video-on-demand services.

Brown said: “The synergies satellite has with the mobile connectivity market in Africa, will cause changes in the business models of telecom companies.  This change includes greater collaboration, partnership structures and revenue-sharing models."

SES, a communication satellite company with clients across the continent, uses its satellite capability to extend their networks further into remote areas where there is no fibre to provide rich content and data services.

According to Brown: “Our collaboration with mobile networks, telcos, and key players in the broader ecosystem, makes provision for increased capacity for additional data services and video content directly to homes of clients. In addition to that, the flexibility of our services supports a pay-as-you-use and an on-demand business model.”

Satellite connectivity is vital to bridging the gap of the digital divide created by distance or socioeconomic factors. Through satellite connectivity, people in underserved areas get the provision of voice, data and video services with an equal user experience that clients in urban areas get.

 SES can take the issues caused by distances off the table because it sees its role as a service partner for telecommunications companies and organisations in the continent.

What makes satellite a vital accompaniment to digital services innovations and commercial offerings is the ability to flex the use of connectivity services based on the requirements and their changes over time.

Brown concludes by saying the delivery of the next generation of services, like educational services, medical, voting and government functions might be carried out, at least in part, by satellite links. He said, SES already provides data links for border posts and some remote airports, and want to help governments and companies to deliver more to potential clients.

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