South Africa: No Sexual Health Related Ads On SA TV Before 9PM, Says ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) has brought about a policy that states that commercials that sell early ejaculation and weak erection solutions can air only after 21:00 GMT on South African television.

A viewer named Marcus Govender complained to the advertising regulatory body, saying his kids who are aged 8 and 10 watched soccer – a sports programming with no age restriction – and saw some TV commercials that contained sexual suggestions and innuendos during football games.

In his complaint, he argued that adverts from the advertiser, Men’s Clinic International, should not air before and during soccer games, especially when kids are up and could be watching.

Men’s Clinic International in response to the complaint told the ASA that it has two sets of commercials that scheduled for broadcast on South African television- one during the daytime before 20:00 GMT and the other at night after 20:00 GMT. The night commercials mention explicitly "weak erections", "early ejaculations" and "low libido", while the daytime commercials from Men's Clinic International do not contain these suggestive words.

Men’s Clinic International told the ASA that it disagreed with the viewer over football viewership and said soccer, shown by SuperSport on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform, is "predominantly watched by people over the age of 18".

The Directorate of the ASA  ruled that Men’s Clinic International "should air its night commercials after 21:00, in the appropriate programming,  to avoid children viewing those commercials".

The ASA directorate added that the sexual innuendo which is subtle in Men’s Clinic International's "day" commercials "would only be understood by grown-ups who are already familiar with such. The daytime commercial contains no explicit scenes‚ nudity or overt references to sex.

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