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Indian’s Zee TV Makes A Big Plan For Nigerian Viewers, Looks Forward To Collaborating With Nollywood

The head of the team at  Zee World, Harish Goyal has said that with the completion of the Zee studios, Bollywood is looking to have future collaborations with Nollywood.

According to Mr Goyal, “Nigerians are passionate about music and drama, which is the same in India. Even the everyday jostle in the cities like Lagos is similar to what happens in urban areas in India. We love spicy food. So do Nigerians.”

Goyal also debunked the general perception that because of Bollywood, Nigerians are being deprived of enjoying local content. He said he sees it as complementing each other not competing with each other. Thus he looks forward to Bollywood collaborating with Nollywood since they now have a Zee studio.

Some of the films and series to anticipate from  ZEE's stable in the coming months are; the return of the favourite series like King of Hearts season 2 and Twist of Fate season 2. New series like Iron Lady, Bride with Benefits and Begusarai, Amma will be released, and some blockbuster movies would also premiere on Zee BollyMovies later in the year. The 2017 thriller titled MOM, starring the Bollywood veteran Sridevi, who in the story is poised to avenge her step-daughter after the justice system failed to convict the people who attacked her. With the help of a shady detective, she takes the law into her own hands.

Another of Zee’s numerous channels, Zee BollyNova provides a variety of entertainment contents like food shows by celebrity chefs  Ripu Raman Handa and Sanjeev Kapoor. Viewers can also catch up on reality shows such as Look what love made me do, Fear Files, Saloni, Destiny and The Vow which debuts in May 2018.

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