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Cape Verde Establishes New Company To Manage Digital Terrestrial Television

The government of Cape Verde, a northwestern African country, has established a company that will oversee the introduction of Digital Terrestrial Television  (DTT) in the country.

The company called Cabo Verde Broadcast (CVB) will be public-owned and would be charged with the responsibility of being the national broadcaster.

Other tasks to be carried out by the firm would be to oversee and monitor electronic communications, the provision of aggregated broadcast content services, as well as the transmission and distribution of digital signals.

CVB will collaborate with other TV operators, to release frequencies from the radio-electric spectrum, which will allow them to invest in the quality and quantity of content in the nation.

Reports have shown that the DTT coverage in the country is currently at around 75 percent.

Cape Verde is an extensive group of small, volcanic islands off the coast of western Africa. The country gained their independence in 1975 after being colonised by the Portuguese in the 15th century with a population of approximately 400,000, and a literacy rate of about 71 percent.

The Radiotelevisao Caboverdiana is Cape Verde's first radio and television station. It broadcasts from Cape Verde with its location in the capital city of Praia.

Terrestrial TV channels include Record Cabo Verde, RTI Carbo Verde, TCV among others while premium channels are BBC World, Cartoon International, CNN International and others.

There are now several online and terrestrial radio stations on the island which includes RCV Cabo Verde Jovem, RDP Africa, and RCV+.


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