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South Africa: "Five Fingers for Marseilles" Is Coming To America

Five Fingers for Marseilles is a South African production that will be hitting American cinemas after it's premiere across South Africa on Friday, 6 April 2018. The plans is to release the fast-paced thriller in the United States of America by the 7th September.

The writer and producer of Five Fingers for Marseilles, Sean Drummond,  said the production team are delighted to have worked with internationally recognised talents like David Oyelowo, Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey. He considers it a privilege have worked with the team that produced Oscar-winning films like The Paperboy and Precious.

Five Fingers for Marseilles tells the story of a group of young men recognised as the 'Five Fingers'. These men stand up to cruel police ill-treatment in Marseilles, a town in Eastern Cape in SouthAfrica known for its notoriety. Tau who is one of the Five Fingers, murders two policemen then gets a sentence of 20 years imprisonment. After serving his sentence and gained his release, the alienated and angry 'Lion of Marseilles' discovers that his comrades have risen to influential positions in the town.

After its premiere in South-Africa and several cities in the US, Five Fingers in Marseilles will also be made available on Amazon Prime, exclusive streaming video-on-demand service by Amazon, which will contribute to further increase the reach of the thriller to people from other countries.

Reports have shown that Five Fingers for Marseilles has also secured releases in Scandinavia and Japan with an expectation to reach more countries.

Helen Kuun, a representative of Indigenous Film Distribution, agreed that the film is hitting all the right notes with reviewers who are praising different aspects of the work from the cast to the screenplay, cinematography and directing.

Kuun added that The Five Fingers of Marseilles is not only loaded with action and visually appealing, but it also makes challenging the socio-political context in South Africa right now.


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