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SABC2 Introduces DEKATV Programming To Its Viewers

SABC2, a channel owned by The South African Broadcasting Corporation has announced the introduction of a favourite magazine content known as DEKATv to its Wednesday schedule as a part of its growing genre of magazine programmes that are educating and entertaining

Based on popular demand the magazine show will debut on SABC2 on Wednesday, 18 April 2018 at 7;30 CAT. DEKATv aims to give viewers a peek into the minds of South Africa’s influential personalities through creativity and expressions of art.

According to the TV station, the programme will show astonishing celebrations and leave audience craving more. The show will also introduce a set of fresh on-air talents. One of them is  Chris Chameleon, an award-winning entertainer, who is the host of the show. Charlene Brouwer, who is the style insert presenter will be joining Chris every episode. Other presenters that will wow the viewers in the series are Gerard Scholtz as a book insert presenter, Piet Matipa, an art insert presenter, and Chantel Dartnall as a food insert presenter.

Elzilda Becker, the executive producer of DEKATv and editor and publisher of DEKAT magazine, told SABC2  viewers to start preparing themselves for a visual feast when the brand new series premiers at the said date on SABC2.

She invited the anticipating audience to take their place in DEKATTV’s lounge and be transported to our magical world of excellent presentation of food, art, style books, and entertainment. Becker expressed her excitement at the reality sharing the DEKAT world and adventure with the vast audience of SABC2.


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