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ECOWAS Plans To Launch Independent Radio Station Broadcasting In Three Languages

The president of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Dr Jean-Claude Brou has stated that ECOWAS Radio will begin broadcast in the three most spoken languages in the continent, English, French and Portuguese.

The focus of the radio broadcasts will be to promote the regional character of the ECOWAS community. Headquartered in Liberia, ECOWAS radio broadcast will be an offshoot of United Nation Mission in Liberia (UNIMIL) Radio.

UNMIL Radio has since turned the facility to the Ecowas Commision who will use it as a veritable peace-building platform broadcasting to all ECOWAS member states.

The President of Ecowas goes on to say: "We are expectant that the radio will support programmes in Africa’s indigenous languages to further strengthen the promotion of cultural and social integration.”

He added that ECOWAS Radio would collaborate with local community radio stations to relay its programmes and develop listenership in all member states.

He called on agencies like the United Nations’ Peacebuilding Commission and their partners to get involved and assist in the provision of necessary funding needed for efficient and effective management of ECOWAS Radio Operations.

According to Dr Brou, there will be a required massive outlay to maintain the on-air presence of the radio station and then carry out the expansion plans to ECOWAS member states.


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