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GOtv Licensed As Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Operator

The Zambia Information and Communication Technology (ZICTA) has given license to GOTV, a signal distributor network to install and operate a Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) network in the nation.

ZICTA is a government-owned regulatory body responsible for the regulation of ICT in Zambia confirms that the newly licensed GOTV has been operating in the nation since 2011 and has covered 85% of the urban region.

Ngabo Nankonde, Corporate Communications, Manager, ZICTA has said that the plan is to strategise and implement a cost-effective DTT network with a satellite technology transmission based system. She gave assurance of the company’s aim to ensure system availability of over 99.50%. It was also revealed that the company has pledged to invest to US$95 million in the next five years and a sum of US$241 million in 15 years. In addition to that, the company was revealed to have an investment portfolio of US$21 million in Zambia.

Zambia's ICT regulatory body began what was termed “an open competitive process”, which kicked off with an open invitation for proposal submissions that would lead to the closing of receipt of investment proposals in February 2018. But of all the proposals that were expected, only one investment proposal was received and processed.This proposal was from GOTV.  

She hopes that the successful approval of GOTV as a licensed Digital television Transmission provider would fuel a high level of competition for the nation’s airwaves.

Currently, Zambia’s public signal distributor is Top Sat Technologies, a Chinese owned firm which continues to compete to dominate the local digital pay TV market. GOTV is in partnership with Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and MultiChoice Africa Holdings. The nation’s Broadcaster, ZNBC is also in collaboration with TopStar where it owns 40% of the shares.

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