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Cameroon: Government To Close TV Platforms With Pro-Secession Channels

The government of Cameroon has reaffirmed its resolve to shut down any satellite and cable platforms that are carrying 'pro-secession' television and radio stations.

The country's authorities have earlier in January 2017 banned a few stations who were believed to be pro-secessionist.

The Communications minister for the Republic of Cameroon restated this warning to the broadcasting and media industry infrastructure providers, reminding them that it is illegal to carry any of the banned TV channels on their platform and that if they do, they risk being shut down. According to him, their equipment could also be seized by the government.

A particular pro-secessionist station that the government alluded to is the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation TV station. This television station which started in May 2017 and has been banned by the government of Cameroon.


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