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Telkom Pay Improve Service Offerings - Sees A Bump In Its User Base

Stepping into the era of digitisation, Telkom's digital wallet made the first-of-its-kind debut in the market by allowing consumers to make and receive payments using their mobile phone's WhatsApp app without using cash or requiring face-to-face interaction. Users receive a virtual prepaid card with a 16-digit card number, security code, and expiration date, which they use to make online transactions in the same way they would with a physical card.

The digital wallet, which launched in December 2020, announced on Thursday that they have successfully signed up 10 000 subscribers on the platform—cementing the company's place in the Financial Technology market.

The company has also improved its offering, with the Telkom Pay Virtual Card being one of the most notable additions. According to Sibusiso Ngwenya, Managing Executive: Telkom Financial Services, "The team has spent the last six months since the launch evaluating feedback to be able not only to strengthen the functionalities that customers love, such as buying prepaid electricity through the platform, but also to develop products, features, and benefits that enhance the value proposition of the platform to ensure that subscribers are delighted and pleased."

The digital wallet now includes Mo'Nice, Telkom's customised voice and mobile data packages, in addition to full access to Telkom's prepaid voice and data plans, as opposed to the limited bundles that were previously accessible. Telkom Pay has been warmly received by clients thus far and is receiving excellent feedback.

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