Future Of Community Radio Broadcasting In Africa Being Redefined!

Over the past decade, community broadcasting has expanded its wings by enabling a far greater reach and personalisation for communities than commercial broadcasting could ever reach. Additionally, community broadcasting has been noted to have a more significant impact in the current digital era, which most sectors have struggled to navigate.

Community Broadcasting Services have been known to tell stories that the "under-served audiences" can relate to whilst fighting for methods and resources to ensure compliance in the fight for recognition within the broadcasting space.
  Community radio stations have faced various income generation limitations whilst adhering to regulatory policies that often restrict resource persuasions and allocation. However, not all have failed; hence steady growth has been seen over the decade.

Although development is steadily visible, there remain various hindrances that continue to create blockage in the application of strategies that influence multiple scenarios and questions ranging from 

  • The feasibility of intercontinental exchange and adoption of proven strategies
  • The evaluation of existing frameworks that promote increased economic activity to sustain revenue
  • What community ownership and control means for the long term survival of community broadcasting stations

Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in collaboration with 2Gwana Media and industry stakeholders, is committed to assisting the sector in recognising, formulating, implementing, evaluating, and monitoring "How Community Broadcasters Can Utilise Acquired Resources Effectively".

For more information about redefining the value of community broadcasting in Africa, visit the event website here!

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