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Cartoon Network's First African Superhero Series

Garbage Boy and Trash Can, Cartoon Network Africa's first local superhero series, has been given the green light. The series set to premiere in 2022 is currently in production at Pure Garbage in South Africa. The series was Co-founded by Moshood with Mike de Seve (president of New York-based Baboon Animation) and Nick Wilson (founder of the African Animation Network in Johannesburg) last summer.

The 10 x 2.5-minute comedy-driven toon, created by Nigerian animator Ridwan Moshood, is about a child with fictional superpowers fighting for justice with his loyal sidekick. Moshood was motivated to start the series based on his experience of being bullied in school.

Moshood's series proposal won Cartoon Network Africa's inaugural Creative Lab competition in 2018. As a result, developing a short pilot aired on the network and its digital channels last year. The Creative Lab was established to fill a skill need in the region's animation sector by giving African innovators, authors, graphic artists, and animation students new chances.

Africa has recently been a hotbed for animated entertainment, as broadcasters, streaming services, and production firms compete to fill a growing global demand for more inclusive children's and family programming. Netflix has jumped on this bandwagon with their first African animated original series, 'Mama K's Team 4', in production with South Africa's Triggerfish Animation. In addition, Disney+ has teamed up with Triggerfish on 'Kiya', a preschool co-production with eOne.

Having to teach himself how to animate because he couldn't find any affordable animation schools in Nigeria. Moshood explains how" he learned through watching Cartoon Network classics on TV and performing YouTube tutorials with no laptop, but cybercafés in Lagos to practice." Pure Garbage superhero series is vital in providing training and employment opportunities for young African talent.


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