Free Briefing Report: Industry Survey On Scope Of Audio-Visual Archives Requirements In Africa

Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), working with Apricity Consulting, recently surveyed archivist professionals and practitioners within Africa's broadcasting and audio-visual industry to gather primary data and information on the depth of requirements regarding archiving and preservation of broadcasters collections.

With many respondents representing a cross-section of the industry, the survey questions' responses were revealing, whilst others confirmed what was already known about the state of archival materials across the Audio-visual sector across Africa.
For example, one outcome from the survey revealed that sound recordings accounted for 87.50% of media stored in broadcasting archives. This percentage, according to the results, accounts for 367,047 hours of the sound recordings.

Another point of note from the survey showed that music accounted for most broadcast materials on all three categories when comparing music, spoken documents, written documents and photographs/ images for broadcast, published and unpublished materials.

A short-form/briefing report on the survey can be accessed here!


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