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'A Moment' - A South African Short Film Enters LA Film Awards

'A Moment' is a short film that focuses on the moment right before you die when your life flashes before your eyes—directed by the self-taught Cape Town-based director Robert dos Santos; the short film will be eligible for an award at the California-based Los Angeles Film Awards.

He describes being recognized by the LA Film Awards as "very rock and roll", and that just being nominated for an award made him ecstatic. He is delighted to make his debut as a film director after spending the previous two years as a commercial and music director. Dos Santos highlights how important it is for South African filmmakers to get their work past borders so that the world and people in LA can see that Africa can create high-quality content. "Los Angeles is the home of film and cinema. The fact that South Africa can create content that can compete on an international level is important," he said.

Given how different the two disciplines are, he described the adjustment as challenging. He stated that his desire to improve the world led him to become an attorney, and he soon uncovered that this was not the best way to do it. As a result, he became interested in film.

Since its premiere in May, the film has been chosen to be part of the Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, which will occur later this month. This festival is linked with IMDb and selects films entirely based on artistic merit.

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