Video: "Successful Archives Depend On Good Inventory Management" - Bright Joshua, National Archive Of Malawi

Standardisation, precision and conciseness are crucial to creating good quality inventory. These were the descriptions provided by Bright Joshua, the Regional Archivist at the National Records And Archive Services Of Malawi, during the recently concluded industry forum on #PreserveAfricaArchives.

Joshua presented on 'Inventories and the role/value thereof to the archives and the Organisation'. In his presentation, the Regional Archivist highlighted how unique descriptions are essential for ensuring seamless inventory documentation and easy access to all materials. He explained how crucial these small details are to keeping a record of what is in storage. In his explanation, Joshua explained that the differentiation details could vary from product codes, item numbers, ID number, project information with dates, and credentials of persons involved in the process.

Inventory can only be maintained effectively by implementing stringent processes and ensuring that all persons involved follow the procedures precisely, maintained Joshua. Most organisations tend to follow a reactive approach to capturing inventory, leading to items not being recorded or backlogs being unnecessarily created.

Click/Tap HERE Watch the snippet of Bright Joshua's presentation on 'Inventories and the role/value thereof to the archives and the Organisation'.

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