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Nigerian Media Firm Confirms Acquisition Of Broadcast Rights To Euro 2020

Nigeria Info and Wazobia Max claim to have been awarded the broadcast rights to freely air the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament across the country from Media Business Solutions (MBS), the official UEFA-licensed owner in Nigeria. A bid from leading media firms, Nigeria Info and Wazobia, under the influence of AIM group to create quality sport broadcasting experiences for Nigerians.

The competition will be broadcast across Wazobia FM, Arewa Radio, Cool FM Kano, and Wazobia Max, both in English and selected local languages according to BMA sources.

The list is not limited to the above. Still, it will also include Pidgin English, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba, to accommodate the sporting needs of a broad spectrum of Nigerians. The partnership is welcomed as it would help strengthen the love Nigerians have for the game of football.

Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigeria Info, Arewa Radio's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) had this to say on the groundbreaking development of premium sports coverage: "As a leading brand, in partnership with MBS, we understand what freely broadcasting the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament in a unique Nigerian style means to most Nigerians who are genuinely passionate about the game of football."

This decision came after the acquisition of the World Cup 2018 Russia broadcast to go a step further, reaffirming the position of home to the most prominent international football offering across the Nigerian-media space for Nigeria Info, Wazobia FM, Arewa radio, and Wazobia Max. The live broadcasts of the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament will commence from 11 June 2021 to 7 July 2021 across Wazobia FM, Arewa Radio, Cool FM Kano, and Wazobia Max nationwide.


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