Video: How 'Archival Inventory Is Indispensable To Preserving Audiovisual Media Assets' By Nthabiseng Ncala of UNISA

During BMA's #PreserveAfricaArchives virtual forum on 'Auditing And Preparing Broadcast Archives For Digital Preservation In Africa', Nthabiseng Ncala, an Educator at the University of South Africa (UNISA), delivered a presentation on how archival inventory is indispensable to preserving Africa's Audiovisual media assets.

During her presentation, Ncala highlighted factors faced by archival institutions such as lack of information about the carriers, content and overall awareness, where an organisation does not know the quantity, volume, playback hours or recordings, value, condition of and risks to its holdings.

Ms Ncala emphasised the impact that the lack of understanding and record-keeping has on creating strategies, fund sourcing, and partnership development on institutions and their progress concerning preserving their archives.

Click/Tap HERE Watch the video clip of Nthabiseng Ncala's presentation on 'Archival Inventory as an Indispensable Tool For Preservation Of Africa's Audiovisual Media Assets.'

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