Industry Survey: 90% Of Broadcasters Say Their Institution Has Mandated Collection Of Archives

As part of the ongoing #PreserveAfricaArchives programme, Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in collaboration with Apricity Consulting, surveyed the broadcast media organisations in Africa to understand the depth of preservation requirements for audio-visual archives in Africa.

A review of the survey results indicated that 90.32% of broadcasting organisations had or are implementing a mandate directed at collecting archival materials as part of their strategy. The gathered survey results also showed that 60% of those organisations maintained an inventory of their collections.

A key question asked in the survey was whether broadcasting organisations had studied their collection through inventory maintenance at one point or another. 43% of respondents said they have never done any archival inventory stocktake; 36% said they might have at some point in the past. Only 21% of responding broadcasters confirmed to take inventory of their collection regularly.

The survey has revealed a vital discussion point explored at the recently hosted online forum on "Auditing And Preparing Broadcast Archives For Digital Preservation In Africa". In the online forum, the panellists had emphasised the importance of keeping an inventory for all collections, noting that they had discovered that most organisations failed to keep a simple spreadsheet of what they held in storage.

The #PreserveAfricaArchives survey forms part of Broadcast Media Africa's and partners' quest to determine the status and condition of audio, videos, and films of broadcasters across Africa and ascertain the possible steps that will help preserve the audio-visual heritage of the continent.

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