Video: "Caution Needed If Asking A Third Party To Manage Broadcast Archive Materials" - Bennie Jacobs Of SABC

At the recent industry Forum on #PreserveAfricaArchives, we asked the South African Broadcasting Corporation's (SABC) Manager of Media Libraries, Mr Bennie Jacobs, about how Broadcasters can ensure the integrity and security of Archives when digitising.

In his reply, Bennie Jacobs commented that broadcasters should always practice a certain amount of caution when appointing an external technical team to ensure that the materials' copyright remains the organisation's property.

Jacobs also shared his view on the continent's working relationship with each other. He advised all Africans to collaborate to ensure that all legacy materials are preserved within the continent.
Furthermore, Jacobs highlighted how vital it is that such forums are utilised for Africans to create a network with each other.

Click / Tap here to watch the video of Bennie Jacob's contribution and on how broadcasters should approach ensuring the basic integrity and security of their archive materials


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