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Nigeria: Human Rights Radio Station's Licence Suspended For Unprofessional Conduct

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) of Nigeria has announced its decision to suspend the Human Rights Radio broadcasting licence - "Berekete FM" - over repetitive unprofessional conduct.

The alleged unprofessional conduct allegations were about the personal conduct of the station owner, Ahmed Isah, accused of assaulting a woman. The video of the assault was reportedly shown by a BBC Africa Eye documentary, triggering the station owner to apologise for his action, stating that the incident had triggered his passion.

A statement released by NBC said that after reviewing the events and noted the apologies expressed by the broadcaster, the Commission still felt that the broadcaster's actions were in clear violation of the Broadcasting Code of Conduct. NBC also felt that the broadcaster's activities betrayed the confidence of its audiences and the government that issues its radio licence.

The Commission further stated that it has, on numerous occasions, cautioned stations over repeated cases of abuse, intimidation and other forms of codes of ethics that they need to abide by. The Commission then said it had conducted several training and retraining programmes for the station of the Brekete family programme specifically.

Therefore, the Commission imposed a suspension order effective Monday, 31st May 2021, which will last for 30 days. During this time, the Commission expects the broadcaster to work on its professionalism.

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