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Namibia: Striking Public Broadcaster Employees Go Back To Work

After weeks of negotiations and demands, the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) striking employees have reached an agreement to return to work. To recall earlier this week, BMA had reported that several NBC employees had resolved to abandon the strike action and return to work. However, the group that was adamant about the demands was to meet to put the decision of going back to work to a vote. After much deliberation, the group has decided to join their colleagues that have returned to work.

According to our media sources, the Namibia Public Workers Union (NAPWU) managed to negotiate in favour of the contract workers who have been confirmed to have been granted permanent contracts.

In a statement by the NBC shop steward, Ihana Mbaha, it was said that although no agreement had been reached regarding salary increases, all parties involved decided it was best to end the strike and return to work.  Furthermore, the majority of the striking employees had not received their May salaries, while some of the employees had received as little as US$10 - US$15 in wages.

The NBC strike has been highlighted as the longest strike yet for the national broadcaster. The strike started in April with employees demanding an 8% salary increase and better working conditions. The employees also requested that contract labour be abolished and all those under contracts be absorbed under permanent contracts. Additionally, the employees requested an increase in transports, accommodation and medical aid allowances.

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