BMA's View: The Need To Prepare Broadcast Archives In Africa For Digital Preservation!

Broadcast Sound and Audio-Visual collections in many African countries are threatened by a range of factors, including inadequate staffing, lack of training and funding, obsolescence of playback equipment, perception of society towards archives, climate conditions for storage, and the level of technological awareness impacting the preservation of and access to recordings.

In many instances, broadcasters and media owners do not know the content or the size of their archive holdings and collections. An example that comes to mind is the legacy content about the
 Liberation Struggles in Africa.  

It is essential to know which broadcaster/media owners hold this kind of content, in which format it is kept, and whether the content can be shared among broadcasters/content owners across Africa once digitised. As a cultural retrospective, the preserved recordings and research into the history surrounding them will serve as a permanent testimonial to Africa's heritage.

As part of the ongoing Industry Programme on #PreserveAfricaArchives, Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in collaboration with Apricity Consulting, is hosting the second industry forum: "Auditing and Preparing Broadcast Archives for Digital Preservation in Africa".

The Forum, which will take place on Tuesday 25 May 2021 (today) at 10 GMT via the Zoom platform, will seek to provide insight into "Industry experiences on the digitisation of broadcast archives in Africa" and practical knowledge on "The principles that guide archival inventory and the evaluation of materials".



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