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Kenya: StarTimes Announces Exclusive Productions Rollout

During a Communications Authority of Kenya organised event, StarTimes announced that they were planning to develop the local content market by rolling out exclusive productions that would continue to feature on the subscriber platforms.

Myke Mugo, the StarTimes Kenya Content Director, said that the company was planning to branch out by targeting digital spaces and creating content on new platforms using leading technology in Kenya and across the continent. Mugo also noted that the company was increasing its involvement in the monetisation of digital spaces through content creation. According to Mugo, the originally produced content would play on the subscriber platforms, StarTimes ON and the local content self-produced channel, Rembo TV.

Noting the potential that Kenya holds, StarTimes highlighted that the country had been producing great content that has been competitively measurable to more established Nigerian, Mexican, Tanzanian, Chinese, and American content readily available across various platforms.

The ICT week that sparked the announcement was to celebrate World Communications and Information Society Day (WTISD), which is marked to commemorate the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention and the International Communication Union (ITU). This year’s theme was ‘Accelerating Digital Transformation in Challenging Times’, where the Authority localised the same for national celebrations. The celebrations were in a virtual format in compliance with the COVID19 regulations.

The ICT week brings together ICT experts, government leaders, ICT service providers, and entrepreneurs. The future of broadcasting was part of the focus topic at this year’s forum.


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