#PreserveAfricaArchives: "Cloud Technology Is The Future Of Archiving!" - Wole Coker, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA)

As the start date for the Online Forum on Auditing And Preparing Broadcast Archives For Digital Preservation In Africa on 25 May 2021 approaches, Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) had a conversation with one of the panellists, Mr Wole Coker from the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

Mr Coker highlighted the unbearable costs that have affected the pace of archives digitisation and preservation for broadcasting organisations. Although finances have delayed progress, Mr Coker acknowledged the positive influence of technology on the rate at which materials are stored. Below is the excerpt of BMA's conversation with Wole Coker:

BMA: What influenced you to get into the archiving and preservation field?

Wole Coker: My interest in the Archiving and preservation field is hinged on the need to preserve our history, document our national development journey and guarantee continuous content availability for broadcast purposes (as classics & reference materials).

BMA: How has the audio-visual archiving and preservation sector changed in the past three years? What do you predict will happen in the next 5 to 10 years?

Wole Coker: The sector has rapidly changed in innovation and flexibility; it has become more digitally compliant. Compression formats have made it possible to store large volumes of content in limited spaces, and broadcast materials have become more adaptive to different platforms because of improved technology. In the future, cloud technology will make it even easier to store and access archived content due to the rapid development in content compression.

BMA: What is the biggest challenge in the audio-visual archiving and preservation sector at the moment?

Wole Coker: In Africa, the most significant challenges are TECHNOLOGY & FUNDS. The NTA has over a million hours of content trapped in different storage formats, namely VHS, UMATIC, DVC-PRO, DV CAM, MiniDV, and DVDs. The machines for these tapes and storage formats are obsolete (no longer available in the market); it, therefore, makes it very difficult to access, archive and digitise these content for future use. The cost of digitising these contents are so humongous for broadcast organisations to finance, especially those with a vast volume of broadcast materials, like mine.

BMA: What do you think is the best outcome for the online Forum on Auditing And Preparing Broadcast Archives For Digital Preservation In Africa. would be?

Wole Coker: The conference will provide for some peer review, sharing of experience amongst the attendees, and help discuss common challenges and opportunities for archiving and preserving the content in Africa.

Mr Coker will be joining the online forum conversation under his capacity as Nigerian Television Authority's (NTA) Executive Director Programmes.

Industry executives and professionals that would like to join the Forum on which will take place on Tuesday 25 May 2021 at 10h00 GMT can REGISTER HERE!

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