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Nigeria: DSO To Launch In Nothern City With Minimum Of 30 Channels

During a press briefing in the city of Kano - the capital of Kano State, North of Nigeria - Professor Armstrong Idachaba, the Acting Director-General of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Idachaba confirmed Kano’s Digital Switch Over (DSO) would commence in June 2021 with 30 television stations.

According to media reports from the press who attended the briefing, Idachaba provided a local TV stations list that would be available when the DSO commenced in the State, noting that six of the transmission stations were based in Kano.  The Acting DG also expanded on the potential brought about by digital television, noting that DSO was a global trend and Nigeria needed to maintain and compete with the world.

Idachaba further highlighted that NBC was focusing on Kano, as the next biggest city after Lagos. He then told the press that the digital signals would be switched on by 10 June 2021; six months later, the plan was to switch off analogue transmission completely.  

The Professor then asked all operators in the Kano region to work together with the government to state the requirements and expectations required from the regulator. This would ensure a successful implementation of DSO in the State.

Adding to the Professor’s sentiments, the Chairperson from the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON), Hajiya Sa’a Ibrahim, said that the DSO would cut production costs and enhance broadcast operations. Ibrahim, who also wears a hat as a Managing Director of the ARTV, urged stations to upgrade their equipment in order to enable them access into the DSO.

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