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Zambia: Regulator Reminds Channel To Guard Against Misconduct

Further to its previous warning for the airing of materials that conflicts with the Zambian broadcasting code of conduct, Muvi Television, the country's first private commercial television station, is in the dog-house again!.  

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) summoned the television channel over its unprofessional conduct when hosting specific programmes. Reportedly, the station recently hosted Chilufya Tayali, the Economic and Equity Party President, on its Special Assignment Programme. It was said that the conduct displayed during the interview was unprofessional and went against the code of conduct that is highlighted in the IBA Act of 2010.

Addressing the matter, the IBA Director-General, Josephine Mapoma, said that the Authority was displeased with the ongoing delinquency displayed by Muvi Television on its shows. Mapoma highlighted that Muvi Television acted unprofessionally during its hosting of Chilufya Tayali especially considering that it was only recently that the station was cautioned about the same unprofessional conduct.

Mapoma reminded the station that it was warned of unprofessional conduct when it hosted Poor People's Party President Alex Muliokela. After that warning, the Authority had hoped that the station would start excising good judgment and implement ethical considerations when airing material regardless of if it's paid content or not.

The Director-General also emphasised the authorities concern over Muvi TV continuous breaking of the code of conduct that is provided in Section 24 (1) (e) of the IBA Act number 26 of 2010, which states that the programming provided by commercial stations must meet the highest standards of journalistic professionalism.

IBA will not hesitate to implement section 29 of the IBA Amendment Act, which gives the Board power to suspend, revoke or cancel broadcasting licenses issued under the Act, added Mapoma.

Muvi TV has been summoned to appear before the Authority to attend to the specific concerns.

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