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Nigeria: Recently Launched Lagos DSO Disappoints - Users Say!

BMA has learned from sources that the recently launched Digital Switch Over (DSO) in Lagos is being experienced with "major disappointments" by the public, with industry watchers saying that success metrics are tumbling and trending downwards daily.

Since the launch, significant public members who had purchased decoders have gone on to express "massive disappointment" over poor and lean channel offerings and poor reception or even no reception at all.  Two weeks after its launch, subscribers have been venting with anger on FreeTV's official Facebook page.

One of the customers wrote on the FreeTV's Facebook page that they had bought their decoder, yet, six days later, the decoder had not been activated. Another subscriber wrote that they had purchased ten decoders from the certified distributors of decoders in Lagos, and he has tried, to no avail, to activate the decoders. The subscriber asked for his money back. According to reports, this issue is not unique to Lagos. A subscriber from Ikorodu (a town bordering the Lagos metropolis) wrote that the decoders were not available in the city.

Customers also complained about FreeTV staff who refused to respond to their queries on activation, subscription renewal and signal disappearance. Other complaints included a limited number of channels on the platform and the disappearance of channels that were once there. The customers say no explanation has been offered for these inconveniences.

As reported by the media, the recent experience in Lagos is not an exclusive one. States where FreeTV was launched in 2016 and 2017, spoke of the same issues. One user even complained that her decoder was inactive for six months.

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