Video: Public Funding An Essential Factor For Sustainable Community Media Sector - Says UNESCO’s Mirta Lourenço

As part of the industry programme on #CommunityBroadcastingAfrica, Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in collaboration with 2Gwana Media (2GM), hosted an online forum that addressed vital topics such as: Understanding the different forms of revenue generation within the community radio space and what role can effective regulation play to help foster a sustainable funding environment for community radio broadcasters?

In unpacking these vital points, BMA asked Mirta Lourenço from UNESCO, “How does UNESCO assist community radio broadcasters with sustainable funding?”. Responding, Ms Lourenço, who is the sector chief for community media development at UNESCO, emphasised that there needs to be a certain level of public financing for community radios to be sustainable. She also brought to light how community radios in Africa can, in a structured manner, gain funding to assist their growth.

Click/Tap Here for the video clip of Mirta Lourenço of UNESCO's expansion on the various funding options available for community broadcasting in Africa.

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