Video: “Harmonised Regulation Will Boost Advertising Revenues For Community Broadcasting” - Gail Schimmel, CEO, Advertising Regulatory Board (SA)

During the recently held online forum on #CommunityBroadcastingAfrica, Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) asked Ms Gail Schimmel, CEO of the Advertising Regulatory Board of South Africa, about the effect of  “Harmonised regulations on advertising as a means of revenue generation for community broadcasting in Africa?”

In addressing the question, Ms Schimmel said that multinational companies would prefer to deal with one regulator when it comes to advertising. Additionally, these international companies tend to view Africa as a country and not a continent. This often presents challenges as each country has its own regulatory body. Harmonisation would bridge this gap.

Another critical aspect to look closely into is that advertising is the driver of revenue generations, especially in the community radio broadcasting space, said Gail. Due to lack of harmonisation, this often impacts the revenue that community radios can raise, affecting their profitability and sustainability.

The forum is part of the ongoing Industry Programme on Strengthening Community Radio in Africa. Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) has partnered with 2Gwana Media to explore how the sector can be assisted in developing and expanding its revenue generation.

Click /Tap HERE to view the response from Ms Gail Schimmel, the CEO of the Advertising Regulatory Board.

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