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TelkomONE Soars Less Than A Year Since Its Inception

According to BMA’s media sources, TelkomONE, an online video and audio streaming service, has seen tremendous weekly growth since its inception in November 2020. However, being in a closed period, Telkom has been unable to provide figures; although, they have assured that the number of paying subscribers has been consistently increasing.

The streaming service offers audiences different content ranging from SABC and news channels, paid for movies, and TV shows. The content can be accessed either via mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Telkom’s strategy, unlike its mobile competitors, has been to provide more local, low-budget content. The mobile operator realised that it could not compete with the likes of international content providers like Netflix. Also, they factored that securing international content would be highly costly. This local focus, according to Telkom, is one of the reasoning for being able to grow in the market.

In addition to the 26 linear TV channels, 30 audio channels, and 22 radio channels, Telkom has said that it now offers users close to 1 000 hours of video-on-demand content. The content comprises series’, movies and documentary features, music videos, music concerts, SABC1,2,3, and Sports.

Highlighting its success, Telkom spoke about the recently streamed live CAF games, which were a simulcast with SABC1. According to Telkom, the platform received some of the highest viewership and registration per day, as was the case for the live performance of the Monate Vibes Music Concerts and the live Easter Gospel Festival.


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