Video: How Can Regulation Serve Or Hamper Community Radio Broadcasting - Thabang Pusoyabone of NCRF Muses

During BMA’s virtual forum on “Implementing Effective Regulatory Framework for Community Radio Broadcasting’, the National Community Radio Forum’s (NCRF) General Secretary was asked whether its members felt that regulations were serving or hampering the development of community radio broadcasting in South Africa.

Mr Pusoyabone said, amongst other things, that there has been some progression and efficiency concerning radio licensing due to the introduction of the Electronic Communications Act (ECA) in 2005, which simplified licensing of community radio stations. 
Following the accelerated growth driven by the ECA, the South African regulatory body introduced a new process that has, to date, led to a decline of community radio broadcasting stations in the country. Pusoyabone emphasised the growth impact that the new regulation has caused, especially in communities where community radio broadcasting is necessary.

The video clip on Thabang Pusoyabone’s expansion on the posed question “Is Regulation Serving Or Hampering The Development Of Community Radio Broadcasting In South Africa?” can be accessed here!

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