Video: "Reasons Behind Our Stringent Regulatory Framework For Community Radio Broadcasting " - Leah Maina of ICASA

During the recently held industry forum on 'Strengthening Community Broadcasting in Africa', organised by Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) in collaboration with 2Gwana Media, BMA asked the Independent Regulatory Authority of South Africa (ICASA) why its regulatory framework for community radio services seems too demanding, hindering the growth of the sector.
According to Ms Leah Maina, the Licensing Executive at ICASA, the current community radio restrictions are rigorous and purposely. Leah explained that the regulator has various responsibilities that range from licensing and compliance monitoring and that adequate measures have been put in place to ensure a vibrant community radio landscape and promotion of sustainability.
That said, the ICASA executive invited and welcomed stakeholders to interrogate and advise the regulator on any regulatory framework elements they thought required updating. The authority would then review and amend where necessary, suggested Maina.
Click/Tap HERE Watch the video clip of ICASA's Leah Maina talking about why they have put in place the current measures.


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