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Nigeria: Lagos DSO Launch Could Spur US$350 Million Advertising Revenue To Industry - According To Promoters!

Subsequent to last week’s Digital Switch Over (DSO) launch in Lagos, the representative of the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria (BON), Agata Amata, shared his prediction regarding the advertising benefits that will result from the analogue to digital broadcasting transition.

Amata rounded the prospective amount to $350 million in advertising revenue. According to Amata, advertisers will benefit majorly as the state transits from analogue to digital broadcasting. In Amata’s calculations, this will be because 60% of advertising resides in Lagos, and if groomed correctly, the sector can develop further.

In agreement with the BON representative Chairman is Middleware Managers Toyin Subair. Subair said that the DSO would bring about the balance of television in the state, which would be a wonderful experience for residents. Additionally, he highlighted, about US$350 million will come into Lagos through advertisements which will increase due to the expansion in channel transmission in the city, said Subair. Toyin emphasised the increase of channels to be between thirty and forty channels for transmission in Lagos.

The Federal Government also echoed its stance of anticipating the DSO to create growth through its foreseeable one million jobs in the next three years.  During the Lagos launch, the Minister of information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, shared the FG’s vision of DSO not only being about what you see on the screen. Mohammed said the focus is also on creating jobs, especially for the Nigerian youth who are keen on becoming content creators and empowering channel owners.

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