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Zimbabwe: Govt Partners With UNICEF To Broadcast School Lessons

The Zimbabwean Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Mr Taungana Ndoro, has announced the introduction of TV programming aimed at enhancing amalgamated learning strategies. The learning strategy, which launched earlier this week, is set to target pupils in Grade 3 and Grade 7 and will run until 5 June 2021.  This first phase of the television lessons will air on ZBC national television between Monday and Friday.

According to Taungana, the programme is in response to the prolonged closure of schools due to COVID19. Therefore, the ministry had to introduce a strategy to reach learners in a way that would complement the existing radio lessons. In partnership with ZBC, UNICEF, and FACT Zimbabwe, the ministry has also released their seventh schedule for the radio broadcasted classes aimed at early childhood development (ECD) to Zimbabwe Junior Certificate (ZJC), which falls under the third phase of the programme. This phase will run until 7 May 2021; after that, another schedule will be released.

The ministry says the radio lessons are vital in ensuring that rural learners and those from disadvantaged backgrounds have access to education.

The ministry has also engaged external assessors and subject specialist concerning indigenous languages’ radio lessons programme for ECD, primary and secondary school lessons in response to the closure of schools due to COVID19. The ministry’s target is to have radio lessons in all languages spoken in Zimbabwe. The programme seeks to cover all the learning areas using indigenous languages as a medium of instruction during lesson delivery.

In partnership with the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education work together to implement the indigenous languages’ radio lessons programme.

Other partners include Metro FM, Zimpapers, Skyz and AB Communications.

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