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Kenya: Regulator Suspends TV Station For Broadcasting Inappropriate Content

The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) released a statement regarding the suspension on Mt Kenya Television as a consequence of airing obscene content in a children’s programme. The Authority is enforcing its judgement for a period of four weeks. According to the statement released by the CA, the content that was showed was unsuitable for children viewership due to its explicit sexual innuendos, glorification of drug abuse, robbery, and violent nature.

Judgement by the Authority was passed down due to the broadcaster airing adult content when most children were at home during the school break. This led to the Authority charging the broadcaster for grievous harm to minors who may have been exposed to the offensive content. In responding to the charges, Mt Kenya TV said the airing of the content resulted from a transmission mix-up in their control room. However, the Authority questioned how the inappropriate content was available in the station’s servers in the first place.

To mitigate any future occurrence of negligence, Mt Kenya TV outline a series of measure which they will enforce to ensure that the error does not repeat itself. Also, the broadcaster has alluded to applying internal disciplinary action. This process will also include a new audit of all lined-up content for airing to ensure immaculate compliance with the law.

The CA fined Mt Kenya TV Sh500 000 (US$4 638,22) and directed the channel to submit all its future content to the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) for age rating and appropriate placement.


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