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Namibia: Govt. Allocates US$8.7 Million To Public Broadcaster As Part Of Budget

Namibia's Minister of Information, Peya Mushelenga, has revealed to the country's National Assembly that the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) will receive N$130 million (US$8 730 438,60). From the allocated figure, N$58 million (US$3 895 118,76) will be disbursed to the refurbishment of its old studio equipment, as well as the upgrading of its network to enable high-quality content delivery to the public.

Additionally, the Namibian Film Commission (NFC) has been allocated N$3 million (US$ 201 471,66) to promote Namibia as a preferred filming destination and to promote the local film industry. The Audio-Visual Media and Regional Offices have been allocated N$188 million (US$12 625 557,36).

Mushelenga stated that he recognised that the budgets allocated may not be sufficient. He added that more resources are needed for the development of filming studios to attract large films being shot in Namibia. He also highlighted that for the retention of revenue, the filming equipment is essential to avoid importing all items from South Africa.

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