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Nigeria: Pay-TV "Pay-As-You-Go" Inching To Becoming A Reality - Reports

Nigeria's National Assembly, the House of Representatives, has progressed in its quest to amend the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Act. The Act, should the Bill pass, will enable Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) services for digital satellite television, allow for fixed pricing for pay-tv and address monopoly issues.

According to the Committee on Communication of the House Deputy Chairman, Idem Unyime, the amendment efforts to the Act have advanced after being read the second time, giving NBC the power to fix prices for digital television. The lawmaker said that during their process to address the price and monopoly issues, they discovered a gap within the Act regulates the broadcasting industry in Nigeria. Upon discovery, it came about that NBC does not hold the powers to determine prices or traffic for broadcasting industry operators.

Due to the oversight on what the regulator can implement, Unyime and team resorted to requesting an amendment of the Act that established the NBC so that the NBC can have full powers to call the digital television service providers when it comes to pricing policies in Nigeria.

Unyime has also highlighted that the Bill has now been referred to the Committee for them to finalise. After that, it is said that it will then be passed to the Senate, and after that, it will be sent in for presidential approval.

The Chairman emphasised his optimism toward a better change and improvement for the broadcasting industry, the Nigerian population at large, and investors should the Bill pass.


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