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Zimbabwe: Govt. Motivates National Broadcaster To Pursue Sports Rights

Industry media reports report that the Zimbabwean Government has urged the national broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), and the Premier Soccer League to ensure television coverage of the domestic Premiership when games resume.

The Uhuru Cup, which commenced over the weekend and the local Premiership, which is also expected to resume competition matches, have been at the mercy of COVID19 restriction, which hinders physical support from fans.  Furthermore, the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation have exclaimed the importance of ensuring that football matches air on television and radio to bridge the gap brought by the pandemic.

According to news reports, the Government revealed that there were ongoing negotiations with a multinational partner, Magnificent, which, if agreed, will address the electronic coverage of matches. Thokozani Chitepo, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation, stated that the Government is aware of the need to broadcast Premiership matches when they resume. There is a necessity to expose top-flight league through television broadcasting, and the Government is mindful of the cost implications tied to this strategy, Chitepo added.

The Ministry’s Deputy Director, Ignatius Vambe, further stated that efforts had been made to ensure that PSL and ZBC find common ground to ensure that the broadcasting of matches falls through. Vambe assured that the Government would assist in lessening the financial burden for ZBC.

Various reports have indicated that ZBC management claims to have been offered the 2021 UEFA European Championship Finals at US$50 000.

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