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"Kingdoms of Fire, Ice And Fairy Tails" Wins Global Award For Outstanding Documentary

Kingdoms of Fire, Ice & Fairy Tails is a documentary filmed by director Susan Scott and television presenter Bonné de Bod, known for their first film, "STROOP".  The production takes place in pristine wildernesses ranging from the world's most incredible national park Yellowstone to the iconic Black Forest and the Arctic Circle's frozen lands.

According to the media, the documentary has received several awards starting from the Impact DOCS Awards, held in the United States. The duo received awards for Best Documentary, Cinematography, Script, and Title Design. Additionally, Bonné de Bod was awarded two stand-out awards for Excellence for her on-screen presentation and her narration of Kingdoms of Fire, Ice & Fairy Tales.

Acclaimed film critic Leon van Nierop says that Kingdoms is breathtaking, but it is Bonné de Bod's enthusiasm and respects as she observes nature that makes it so remarkable.

Earlier this year, Kingdoms of Fire, Ice & Fairy Tales received Best Travel/ Nature Documentary awards at the New York Cinematography Awards. Also, the film premiered at the prestigious Jackson Wild and Kingdoms in the United States. The documentary has also been nominated for Best Feature Documentary at the upcoming International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF).

In South Africa, the documentary first premiered on Showmax in December 2020 and will broadcast on M-Net Movies 1 (Channel 104) in May 2021.  According to the Chief Executive Officer of General Entertainment at Multichoice Group, Yolisa Phahle, the premium DSTV channel will continue broadcasting the documentary throughout the month until June.

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