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'Two Hues' - A South African Directed Production Wins Best Director Award

Weaam Williams and Dominique Roxanne Jossie co-directed the film, which is making waves on the global stage. 'Two Hues' is a South African short film produced in the city of Cape Town about psychological dramas and explores the artistic nature of a manic depressive while centring around a bipolar photographer who is a silent victim of rape. It dives into the world of the feminine psyche and explores the contrast of patriarchy. Recently, the film won the award for Best Director at the North Europe International Film Festival.

In a released statement, director Weaam Williams said that she had initially decided to direct the short film solo. However, after deciding to play the leading role, she realised that it was impossible to take on the dual task of acting and directing. Therefore, through a colleague recommendation, she brought in Dominique to co-direct. Elaborating on the film, Dominique said she was intrigued by the movie's modern-day mental illness theme as this is an important topic that needs to be explored more in cinema.

Earlier in the year, 'Two Hues' won Best Short Film at Beyond The Curve International Film Festival in France. Williams was also nominated for best lead actress in a short film which she highlighted as a monumental achievement seeing that this was her first acting role. Revealing the film's progress, Williams says the film is performing well on the Cinemagic Platform. She has also received an acquisitions agreement from a US-based streaming platform for worldwide rights that she will undertake during the second half of the year. In May, the film is set to showcase at the Kalakari Film Festival in India before heading to LA.

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