A New Fibre Optic Cable Connecting Africa Goes Live - Reports

Emtel Mauritius has released a statement regarding the 3 200km submarine cable, which, according to the information, connects South Africa with Mauritius, Reunion Island, and Madagascar. Emtel has confirmed its provision of the only landing point for the Meltingpot Indianoceanic Submarine System (METISS) fibre optic cable in the country. The 3 200km optic cable will connect the SA, Mauritius, Reunion, and Madagascar to Emtel’s ANSI/ TIA tier 3 certified data centre in Arsenal, near Port-Louis, in Mauritius.

According to Kresh Goomany, the CEO of Emtel, METISS is already connected to various global public cloud services, application providers and African Exchanges with fully redundant backhaul in Mauritius and South Africa.  METISS provides telecoms organisations, multinationals, and enterprises with interests in connected regions, reliable services, and capacities they require for telecommunications that empower digital enterprises, Goomany added. The exclusive offer includes world-class quality service at an affordable price.

Emtel also pointed out that METISS interconnects with large data centres in South Africa that act as a pivot to the rest of the world and hosts a global cloud service provider such as AWS and Azure. Additionally, METISS gives Mauritians faster and more reliable access to digital resources and provides a platform for developing the country’s next-generation services and applications through its interconnectivity, peering, and exchange benefit.

METISS is said to connect regional telecoms solutions to carriers, enterprises, and corporates with its political stability and reliable electrical grid supply. It provides new low latency routes for over-the-top service providers. The South African Point of Presence (PoPs) supplement PoPs already in Mombasa, London, Paris and Singapore, says Emtel.

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